Khloé Kardashian Invests in Collagen Brand Dose & Co

"Getting pregnant, I wanted to find ways to better myself. I became obsessed with this whole collagen situation," Kardashian said.

By Alexa Tietjen

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Khloé Kardashian is getting into the business of collagen.

The Good American founder has invested in Dose & Co., a New Zealand-based company that sells a variety of collagen products throughout New Zealand and Australia. Kardashian is joining the company as a spokesperson and partner. The terms of her investment were not disclosed.

Speaking via phone with Beauty Inc, Kardashian said she became increasingly aware of the ingredients of the health and wellness products she uses after giving birth to daughter True two years ago.

“When you’re pregnant, you start thinking about ways to better the world or yourself or you start to focus on the future and what you’re going to leave for your child — at least that happened with me and my sisters,” Kardashian said. “My sister Kourtney is a huge advocate for health and wellness. I must admit, before I got pregnant, I was naive to a lot of things. Getting pregnant, I wanted to find ways to better myself. I became obsessed with this whole collagen situation.”

Steven Fernandez, Dose & Co.’s global content creative director, said the decision to bring Kardashian on as a partner is meant to reflect her level of involvement with “product development, content creation and marketing decisions.”

“Khloé and the entire Kardashian family have an unparalleled ability to build brands,” Fernandez said. “The key consideration for us from a business perspective was to structure it in a way that reflects her passion for the vision and the brand.”


Kardashian said she was “intrigued” by Dose & Co.’s plastic-free packaging and the amount of bovine collagen — 10 grams per serving — in its Collagen Protein Powder.

“I loved how quickly I saw results in my hair, skin and nails and how I was feeling,” Kardashian said. “I reached out to the company to talk about a couple of business things, and I really connected with the cofounders. A relationship was made. I wanted to get more involved with them.”

Dose & Co. cofounder Libby Matthews said when she cofounded the company with her brother in 2018, she intended for its formulas to have a higher amount of collagen than competitor brands.

In addition to taking on investment from Kardashian, Dose & Co. is expanding to the U.S. The company will enter the mass market on Oct. 13, when it will begin to roll out to 4,500 doors at retailers such as Target, GNC, Wegmans and The Vitamin Shoppe. Dose & Co. will also be available direct-to-consumer and on Amazon.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dose & Co. expanded to grocery stores in New Zealand and Australia, leading to what Fernandez called “a great deal of new customer acquisition.”

“Even during these uncertain times, people prioritize their well-being,” he said.

Asked how she has been impacted by the pandemic, Kardashian said it is “hard to believe it has been seven months.”

“It seems like just yesterday it was March,” she said. “For my established companies, like Good American, they took major hits. It’s really hard having to figure out what to do with your employees. People are getting salary cuts, some people are getting fired. We did everything in our power to not let that happen and figure out ways to prevent that.

“We have about 80 employees for Good American,” she continued. “Nobody knows what’s going to happen or when it’s going to turn around. For Dose & Co., in New Zealand, it was thriving and they handled the pandemic there incredibly well. For Dose & Co., we have a better outcome than most people. I’m very grateful.”

Source: WWD

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